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مُساهمةموضوع: نقدم لكم حل واجبات #BE310-#B293 #BE211- #BE220 #DD202a- #B203a   الأحد أبريل 22, 2018 12:23 am

Arab Open University
Faculty of Business Studies
BE220 – Money and Banking
TMA- Second Semester 2017/2018

Please read these instructions carefully. However, contact your tutor in case any difficulties with the instructions.
Cut-off Date:
Word Limit: 1000 Words for all of the TMA ≈ 3-4 pages
Citation: Harvard Referencing Style
Paper Size: A4, 80g For Printed Hard Copy.
Font: Times new roman
Point: 14
Margins: 1 Inch for each side
Space between lines Single space
Cover page: PT3 Form (the attached form)
Your name, personal identifier, course and assignment numbers must appear at the top of each sheet. Start each question in the assignment on a new page. Any extended text should ideally be word-processed, but, diagrams and accompanying notes may be hand drawn and you can use large sheets of paper.
When you have completed each of your TMA, fill in an assignment form (PT3), taking care to enter correctly your personal identifier course and assignment numbers. Each TMA and its PT3 form should be sent to your tutor with your name, address and personal identifier written on it. Keep a copy of your TMA for security. The copy that is eventually returned to you after the assessment process will have comments written on it. All assignments are treated in strict confidence. It is very important that you ensure that your tutor receives each assignment by the cut-off date given. If you feel that you are unable to meet the cut-off date for any of the TMA, please contact your tutor as soon as possible to discuss your situation.
It is imperative that each student cites their references in their TMAs properly. To do so, each student ought to use the Harvard Referencing Style. Students who fail to comply with this rule will be penalized by point deduction. Also, student should try to use recent references instead of old ones.
If you submit an assignment that contains work that is not your own, without indicating this to the marker (acknowledging your sources), you are committing ‘plagiarism’. This might occur in an assignment when:
-Copying word-for-word directly from a text.
-Using text downloaded from the Internet.
-Copying or downloading figures, photographs, pictures or diagrams without acknowledging your sources.
-Copying from the notes or essays of a fellow student.
-Copying from your own notes, on a text, tutorial, video or lectures that contain direct quotations.
Plagiarism may occur inadvertently due to inexperience. So read carefully all the course-specific study advice that you receive in your mailings, especially statements concerning plagiarism and how to reference your sources.
You can score very well on this assignment using the materials provided as part of the course. However, if you have access to other sources of information such as reference books or the Internet, you may find it interesting to look there for additional relevant information. Very short extract from published sources may be included in context but you should avoid copying significant amounts of text from other authors. You should note that whilst the internet can provide lots of information much of it is not refereed and should be treated with caution.
If you take material from the course or elsewhere and incorporate it in your answer word-for-word, you must indicate where you have taken it from. Not to do so it termed ‘plagiarism’ and is regarded as an infringement of copyright. To attempt to pass off such work as your own is cheating. You must therefore acknowledge all your sources of information. Plagiarism will lead to a loss of marks and extensive plagiarism could mean that you fail this TMA. For more information about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating you should refer to the current assessment handbook.
Plagiarism rate and marks deduction:
Based on the real plagiarism rate shown by TurnItIn®️️ plagiarism system, tutor will deduct these rates of marks:
Note: Consider the possibility of exaggerated total plagiarism rate as a result of:
1- PT3 form similarity. (Roughly 20%)
2- Case study & its questions similarity. (Roughly 25% )
3- Student’s submission the TMA twice. (Roughly 100%) Plagiarism Rate Marks Deduction
1 - 20 % 0 %
21 - 50 % 10 %
51 - 75 % 45 %
76 - 85 % 65 %
86 - 100 % 100%
2007 When the US financial system melt down

United States’ economy is one of the strongest and the most free-open market in the world. But in 2007 suddenly, hundreds of banks reported bankruptcy as a result of the financial meltdown. The root of the problem was when banks exaggerated the easiness of giving loans with the minimum efforts to assure the risk and credit management principles. Most of countries, people, and governments suffered from the economic collapse taken placed in US.

You -as a business student- are required to discuss these 3 points:

A: What are the real reasons that make the financial sector melt down in US?
(250 words – 30 marks)
B: How US government worked to stop the negative effects of that crisis on other economic sectors?
(250 words – 35 marks)
C: How other countries influenced by the US financial crisis, and how they cope with that negative impact?
(250 words – 35 marks)

Note: (financial meltdown will be discussed in chapter 9 of your BE220 book)

The End of the TMA

PT3 Form Arab Open University
Tutor Marked Assignment

Academic Year : 2017/2018 Semester: Second
Branch: Jordan Program: Business
Course Title: Money and Banking Course Code: BE220
Student Name: Student ID:
Section Number: 1 Tutor Name: Hussein Albanna, Ph.D
Awarded Mark:
Mark details
Marks Questions No. Q1 Q2 Q3 Total
Weight 30 35 35 100%

Marks Criteria Presentation Sources Citation Word Count Total
Weight -5 -5 -5 -5 -20%
Marks -
Student’s Total Mark 100%
Real Plagiarism rate (% ) Penalty /Marks Deduction (% ) -
Student’s Net Mark =
Declaration: I hereby declare that the submitted TMA is my own work and I have not copied any other person’s work or plagiarized in any other form as AOU instructions specify.
Student Signature
Tutor Name: Tutor Signature: Date returned: / /2018
Tutor’s Feedback
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نقدم لكم حل واجبات #BE310-#B293 #BE211- #BE220 #DD202a- #B203a
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